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a golden retriever wearing a Top Tag Pet ID a tabby cat wearing a Top Tag Pet ID a blue maccaw parrot a brown horse with a yellow mane galloping

How It Works

Look for the USB port on the front or back of your computer

The Top Tag™ Pet ID is easy to use. Simply plug it into the USB port on your computer and the program starts automatically. Next, simply click on the button for your type of pet: Dog, Cat, Bird or Other. The program will then automatically configure itself to fit your pet.

A sample of the Contact form on the Top Tag Pet ID

The program in divided into 7 Main Categories to make organizing your pet's information easy. You can fill in as much or as little of the information as you'd like. When you are finished, exit the program and your pet's information is saved automatically. Put the Top Tag™ Pet ID back into its water-proof container and attach it to your pet's collar, cage, pen, aquarium, stable or wherever.

printed pages from the Top Tag Pet ID

You can back up the information to your computer in case the tag is ever lost or broken. Just use the back-up feature built right into the software. You can also print out copies of all the information to keep on-hand just in case you need them.

the Top Tag Pet ID photo album

The program also contains a photo album where you can put pictures of your pet and family. You might also want to scan any important documents (such as registration papers, shot records, etc.) and include those pictures as well. You can also get a map to your house and/or vet's office from the Internet and save that picture in the photo album as well. That way, if your pet is lost, a rescuer will have an easy time returning your pet home.

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