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What are the system requirements?
  • IBM Compatible PC or Notebook
  • Microsoft® Windows XP/2000/ME
  • A USB port
What information can I put on the Top Tag™ Pet ID?

The Top Tag™ Pet ID has 7 main categories and 14 sub-categories of information. These include Basic Information, Food & Diet, Behavior/Personality, Words & Commands, Nature's Call, Medical Information, In Memoriam and Photo Album. Simply fill in as much or as little information as you need. The information is automatically saved to the device.

Can I save a backup copy of the information?

Yes, once you have filled in the forms, we recommend that you save a back up copy to your computer by using the back-up feature in the software - simply click the back-up button. You can also print out all of the pages.

Can I update or change the information later?

Yes, you can change the information whenever an update is needed. Don't forget to make a new back-up of the information after you make your changes.

What happens if I accidentally erase the information?

Simply use the restore feature built into the software to restore data from your back-up. This is why we recommend that you back-up the information to your computer whenever you make a change.

Can emergency services, vets or animal control agents use the Top Tag™ Pet ID?

Yes, any emergency service, vet or animal control agent with access to a PC or laptop can use them. Many animal control vehicles in major metropolitan areas even have laptop computers on-board allowing them to access the information before they even return to their center. This could speed up the return of your pet.

What happens if the Top Tag™ Pet ID gets wet?

Don't worry! The Top Tag™ Pet ID contains a flash memory chip that may or may not be affected by water. There are many cases of flash drives going through the wash and when dried, no information was lost. However, salt water will corrode the chip in a matter of minutes.

If your Top Tag™ Pet ID does get wet in the rain or in a water bowl, simply dry it off and gently tap the device to coax water out of it. Then let it sit over night to air dry. When you know it is thoroughly dry, insert it in a USB port and view the program. If you get an error message, remove the drive immediately because it is not yet thoroughly dry.

Do not dry the Top Tag™ Pet ID in a microwave or conventional oven or use a hair dryer. The interior parts will melt.

Water droplets and condensation sometimes appear inside the waterproof case. Is this normal?

Yes. Condensation is quite common in colder, more humid climates. When it is cool outdoors, entering a warm space will cause condensation to form. We suggest you open the waterproof case and wipe off the Top Tag™ Pet ID and the case interior. Place them near a heat source such as a heater vent and let them thoroughly dry.

Condensation will still form on the outside but not on the inside if you remove all the moisture from the Top Tag™ Pet ID and the interior of the waterproof case.

SPECIAL NOTE: Do not insert the Flash Drive in a USB port if it appears or you suspect it may be wet or moist. (Please refer to the previous question for more information.)